30 plus credits

There are multiple ways to obtain the 30+ credits to get to the highest level of the pay scale after you have obtained your masters.

FEMA Online Courses in collaboration with Frederick Community College. (all 30 credits can be obtained via this method)



The FEMA online courses is offered by Frederick Community College

The link http://www.frederick.edu/workforce-continuing-education/emergency-management/college-credit-conversion-for-fema.aspx explains more about Frederick Community College FEMA offerings.



1. Go to http://em-study.com/emsfema/ and click on the Course Info tab(or just click here:  http://em-study.com/emsfema/articles.php?category_id=1) and click on the Printable Course List.

It is important to identify which courses Frederick Community College will give credit towards. e.g.  One credit can be obtained for FEM 102 = (IS-301) Radiological Emergency Response

2. Go to the FEMA Online Site at http://training.fema.gov/IS/crslist.aspx?all=true and click on the course you want to take.  (a short cut is to use the FIND A COURSE search and typing in  the IS number e.g. 301 for Radiological Emergency Response.

3.  Download the Course Materials

4. Click on Take the Final Exam Online – you can print it out – first select ‘Display All’ then look over the course material and answer the the quiz you printed.

5. Click again on Take the Final Exam Online take the online quiz.  The questions should be rearranged from the quiz you printed earlier so use Ctrl+F to search for the question and fill in the answers.  [The Quizzes are timed so you will not have time to read the course material and answer them online – you should print it out first, and don’t delay inputting the answers – it will timeout on you]

7. After you complete your course it will ask you to input your personal information – please make sure they are correct and then check your email for confirmation that you passed. If you did not pass retake the quiz after reviewing your answers using the Course Materials.The email may not be sent immediately – they vary – please don’t be alarmed – they will send an email even if you failed so don’t rush and retake the quiz.

8. After you have completed all the credits you need go to the Frederick Community College site here http://em-study.com/emsfema/ create an account by click on Register now.

9. After you created your account, click on ‘Buy Courses’ and search for the courses you took and passed. Check out and pay.

10. Enter the DOE information – address and label attention ‘Salary Differential’

11. Wait confirmation from Frederick Community College that they have confirmed your courses and that they have mailed your transcripts.

12. Log in to the DOE Payroll portal and Apply for your salary differential.